Dr. habil. Andrzej Przyłębski - polish philosopher, born in 1958, author of 4 books on neokantianism and on hermeneutics, Humboldt-Scholar; vicepresident of the Int. Hegel-Society; university professor at the Institute of Philosophy at the AMU Poznań (PL-60569 POZNAŃ, Szamarzewskiego 89, 004861-8292280)
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I was born 1958 in Chmielnik, a small village between Konin and Koło. After finishing the grammar school I continued my education in the secondary school (LO 27) in Koło, where I also went to a school for music (piano and accordion class). In 1978 I started to study philosophy and social sciences at the University of Poznań. I graduated there in January 1983 (with best note and a dean's reward for the best Master Thesis). In October 1983 I began my scientific carrier as an assistent of the Institute of Philosophy of AMU Poznań. In 1987 I finished my dissertation (and got my Ph.D. from the Philophical Institute of AMU) about Emil Lask's Logic of Philosophy. It was published as my first book 3 years later.

In 1991 I received a scholarship from the Alexander v. Humboldt Foundation in Bonn and spent almost 2 years in Heidelberg on preparing my habilitation about the Baden School of Neokantianism with scientifical advice of H.-G.Gadamer and R.Wiehl. The result of this research, the  book  "W  poszukiwaniu  królestwa  filozofii"  ("In the Search  of  the  Realm  of  Philosophy")  was  published  in  1994,